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How to transfer media onto an iOS device

Apple has created a walled garden for iOS, meaning only certain apps and file formats are permitted on the mobile operating system. Waltr is one of the few ways to bypass the system setup, allowing users to send various video, audio and image folders from desktop to mobile without any corruption.


To start this tutorial off, download Waltr for Mac (opens in new tab) or Windows. The service has a 14 day trial period, followed by $29.95 (£19.42) for the full service.

1. Turn off iTunes’ automatic sync before starting the conversion.


2. Connect iOS device to Mac/Windows computer through iOS connector.

3. Drag and drop all files from desktop to Waltr’s mobile folder.


4. Wait for conversion to iOS format.

5. Disconnect connector and check Videos app on iPhone/iPad for the media.

Waltr works with MKV, AVI and MP4 for video files, covering all of the major file formats. For audio, FLAC, AAC and WAV are supported, letting you download music from other media providers instead of iTunes.

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