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Windows 7 users growing ahead of Windows 10 release

There's something weird going on with the number of Windows users out there.

The Channel looked up desktop operating system market share, as it was recorded by StatCounter and Netmarketshare.

Both StatCounter and Netmarketshare are web traffic analysis tools, and they are showing that the number of Windows XP users is dropping steadily.

The strange part about it is that other Windows systems have recorded very little increase in their user base. Are people switching to Mac? Linux? Probably.

When it comes to Windows XP, Netmarketshare has it down from 16.94 per cent to 15.93 per cent. StatCounter has a dip to 10.91 per cent, down from March's 11.21 per cent.

Windows 7 has recorded growth. StatCounter says it now has 53.81 per cent share, up from 53.66 per cent. Netmarketshare records a similar jump, from 58.04 per cent to 58.39 per cent. Windows 8.1 is also growing, to 15.76 per cent market share according to StatCounter and 11.16 from Netmarketshare, up .61 and .25 of a point respectively.

With such a high market share percentage, users of the Windows 7 OS will be Microsoft’s primary target when it comes to migrating to Windows 10. But as we see with Windows XP, people are reluctant to switch their operating systems, especially if the one they already have gets the job done properly.

It will also be interesting to see who the early adopters will be, Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 users. Windows 10, the latest OS from Microsoft is set to be released in a few months.