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Would you rather lose a finger or lose your internet connection?

So a third of people would rather lose a finger than their Internet connection.

This will have major consequences on how Hollywood sees torturing. I’m guessing in the next few years, the torture scenes will include only a pair of pincers, but they won’t be to pull someone’s tooth, or fingernail out.

Oh no, in the torture scene in order to get someone talking, all you need to do is threaten to cut their broadband.

An amazing one third of people (29 per cent) would rather lose a finger than their internet connection, says a survey conducted by broadband, TV and mobile comparison site (opens in new tab). The survey of 2,500 UK residents also showed that 25 per cent of people couldn’t make up their mind between the two.

Being online is now seen as a lifeline and losing that connection can lead to feelings of social isolation.

Commenting on the result of this survey, BT Openreach CEO Joe Garner said:

"Without the internet people feel socially isolated almost immediately. And that touches a very deep human need. We're a social species."

Broadband expert and editor-in-chief Dan Howdle added:

"Not too long ago, we satisfy our need to socialise in 'big bites' – gatherings, parties, nights out, long phone calls. But people engage in less of these ‘main meal’-style social experiences than they once did.

"Instead, we snack; Facebook, Twitter, even email to a certain extent, allow us to attend more frequently, and more lightly, to our social needs.

"Which is why the question of what we'd give up to keep our broadband, provides us a somewhat crazy answer. A finger? Surely not.

"What we’re doing there is substituting ‘broadband’ for ‘daily contact with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances’ – and in that context, the thought living with nine fingers is, by comparison, rather trivial to some."

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