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Aeromobil hits a bump in the road as flying car crashes during test flight

The realisation of having flying cars as a genuine means of transportation in Europe has hit a hurdle as the first legal model crashed this week...with its inventor still inside.

Aeromobil inventor Stephan Klein's test flight of the two-seater flying car failed and led to a crash after the vehicle "encountered an unexpected situation." Klein was uninjured, but had to deploy an emergency parachute at an altitude of approximately 300 meters.

The incident has served to dent the reputation of Aeromobil - both literally and figuratively - a company which many tipped to be the first to bring a working flying car to market.

The makers expected the flying car to go on sale in Europe in 2017 and it is currently in its near-final prototype stages.

The makers claimed that the vehicle, which is road-legal and can also fly slightly lower than planes by taking off from any open grassy area, was expected to spark a new age of personal aviation.

Designed and built in just 10 months, the creators said that it contains various ground-breaking technologies, such as variable-angle wings which allow it to take off on a much shorter runway than rival aircraft.

Apart from the recent crash, Aeromobil co-founder and CEO Juraj Vaculik said that the company is still set to face some hurdles, such as air and ground regulatory approvals and limitations around the locations allowed to fly and take off from.

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