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Apple Watch users want to be tapped by strangers

The Apple Watch has some pretty creepy features.

Fot those of you who have been living under a rock for the past couple of months, Apple's smartwatch has a heartbeat function. It has a small heart rate monitor on the back of the device, measuring your heartbeat. Even though the feature's main functionality was in sports, there's also the option of sending your heartbeats to other people using the watch.

You see, that's exactly the problem – not many people have the watch yet. However, that didn't stop its current users to try out the feature and to do so, they turned to complete strangers.

There's a Reddit topic called "lonelyheartbeats“, where people actually come to ask other Apple Watch users to send them their heartbeats.

No, scratch that. They're not asking, they're practically begging.

"Any contact who wants to share heartbeats?“ asks one Redditor.

"I really want to try the tapping and heartbeat .. Add me [email address]“ says another.

"Touch me, tap me, please“ another desperate user wrote.

"I am Antonio, send me a drawing or heartbeat :)“ says Antonio, and obviously doesn't care about how creepy all of this sounds.

However, there are other people out there, who are not impressed by the feature and have joined the conversation to vent their frustration: "I own an apple watch and I find this pathetic“, says one Redditor.

The Watch is Apple's take on the smartwatch industry, and even though it's been only a month since its launch, it has already created ripples within the watch industry worldwide.