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Galaxy S6 and Edge updated with improved fingerprint software

Samsung rolled out a new patch for its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones, which improves the fingerprint recognition process and adds a couple of new features.

The new update, named XXU1AOE3, is 150.50MB in size, and the description reveals it includes many stability improvements, performance improvements and new features.

Among those is the improved fingerprint recognition process, improved compatibility with accessories, enhanced interface of email, music, planner and other apps, as well as a new feature in photo editor.

After the update, firmware is still based on Android 5.0.2, but the build changes to XXU1AOE3.

If you want to check if the update is available for your device, head over to Settings » About device » Software update to see if you can download it.

Sammobile says that even after the patch, their device is still somewhat laggy: “Over in Malaysia, the OTA is a 159MB download, and our testing shows that the RAM management is still somewhat messed up,” it says in a report.

The Galaxy S6 and Edge phones are said to have a memory management issue, that’s been ruining the experience for many users. Even though Samsung issued a patch recently, that one was only rolled out to different regions, and this new one was expected to fix the issue.

Samsung, once king of smartphones, fell behind Apple and Xiaomi recently, who both ate away at its market share. The Korean company hopes that the Galaxy S6 and the Edge models will help Samsung reclaim its throne as the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world.