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Hackers deface World War Two memorial website

A memorial website dedicated to the thousands of people killed at the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria has been defaced by hackers.

The cyberattack took place on VE Day, commemorating 70 years since the Nazi surrender of World War Two.

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The website was bombarded with child abuse images before being deactivated by its administrators. The defacement was described by Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner as a “criminal, sick attack and deeply abhorrent" and confirmed that she is currently investigating the perpetrators of the attack.

Will Mernyi, the head of Austria's Mauthausen Committee, which campaigns for human rights and democracy called the attack obnoxious and said that it "reveals the mindset of the hackers".

It is believed that the site may have been targeted by far-right extremists, as similar hacks have taken place to several other websites over the last few months.

The Mauthausen camp was one of the largest used during the Third Reich and saw the deaths of more than 100,000 prisoners up until its liberation by US soldiers in May 1945. As well as thousands of Jewish victims, Soviet prisoners-of-war and Spanish Republicans also perished at Mauthausen.

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VE Day celebrations in the UK have also experienced some controversy of their own. A London war memorial was daubed with an expletive and the words “Tory scum” following protests over the Conservative victory at the general election.

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