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Viber makes calling inside Nepal free following another earthquake

Another earthquake has hit Nepal, this time closer to Mount Everest hitting 7.3 on the Richter scale. In light of the recent earthquake, Viber has announced all calls from inside Nepal will be free for all users.

It is a new resolution to make Nepalese people happy and safe. Viber did not offer free services to Nepal when the original earthquake struck, but has changed its opinion and fully supports getting families back together and helping in any way it can, even if it means losing money in the process.

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook and other companies have been working on new tools to locate friends that might be stuck near where the earthquake took place. Several charities are also already inside Nepal tending to the wounded and sick.

The Nepalese people need shelter and food, something humanitarian groups are looking to have supplied by the public. The UK has done a good job up until now, offering asylum for those that have lost their home in the earthquake, alongside foreign aid to Nepal at this time of need.

It may take years before Nepal is resorted once again, but at least US corporations and companies like Viber are on the look out for families lost; unable to find or see each other since the earthquakes started hitting the region.

The death toll currently stands at over 8,000, but with the new earthquake people are expecting up to 10,000 dead and thousands more injured. The current procedure is trying to find people stuck in the rubble and finding safe ways to get them out.

Drones, heartbeat sensors and other tech gadgets are being used on the ground to spot people still alive in the rubble, alongside regular methods like sniffer dogs and helicopters for rural areas in the mountains.

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