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Android eats Apple's dust in enterprise market as iPhones dominate

While Android is the clear leader in the mobile market, in the enterprise space arch-rival iOS is the platform that actually comes out on top.

Apple's iPhones and iPads make up 72 per cent of all mobile device activations, while handsets running the green droid operating system have to make do with just 26 per cent.

Unsurprisingly, it is iPhone 6 which sustains Apple's enterprise dominance, coming out as the most-popular handset in the enterprise thanks to it making up 26 per cent of all activations between January and March. Apple's flagship is followed by Samsung's Galaxy S5. Together, the two leading vendors offer 28 out of the 30 most-popular devices in the enterprise.

The stats come from the quarterly Mobility Index Report issued by (opens in new tab) Good, and is based on activations made by the company's enterprise customers in the first quarter of 2015. It should be noted that it does not take into account BlackBerry activations.

You may be wondering how Windows Phone is doing. Well, smartphones running the tiled operating system are nowhere near as popular - hardly a surprise - as iPhones and Android smartphones, making up just 1 per cent of all activations in Q1 2015, a figure which remains constant sequentially.

Apple's iOS leads both the smartphone and tablet landscapes, with iPads making up 81 per cent of all tablet activations. Good says that the latest numbers are 4 per cent lower sequentially. Overall, iPhones and iPads lost 1 per cent of all activations, compared to Q4 2014.

In the tablet space, Android reached 15 per cent of all slate activations, with 1 per cent captured from iPads. Meanwhile, Windows slates - based on Windows 8.x Pro, actually - emerged with 4 per cent of all tablet activations. Overall, Windows slates represent 1 per cent of all activations, with Surface devices in part to "blame" for the rise in the market.

Here are some other highlights from the report. The most popular app in the enterprise, after email of course, is the secure browser, which is followed by secure instant messaging and custom apps. Android is the strongest in the high-tech segment, while iOS is well positioned in education and regulated industries.