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Another clickbaiting video scam hits Facebook

Facebook is probably the best way to share malware and other viruses, and whoever is behind “See What Happens To This Pregnant Lady” video scam knows that very well.

You may have noticed in the past couple of days, a video which has been circulating around Facebook, one in line of the many similar "shocking“ or "you will never believe this“ videos and articles.

This one features a pregnant lady at the beach, and promises to amaze everyone once they click the “Play” button. The post warns potential viewers that the video is revealing and disturbing, and it's partially true.

Nothing revealing will happen, but having malware on your computer probably is disturbing.

After clicking, the viewer is directed to a phony Facebook host page, where a pop up appears in front of you to share it on Facebook before you are able to see the video.

After you share the page, now another click will take you to another “YouTube” appearing scam page asking you to prove you are a human by clicking fake images.

In the meantime, you did share the video, meaning some of your friends might be hooked to the bait, too.

The report on Hackread says that in the process, you are then taken to another website demanding personal information, which will cause a series of anonymous fake scamming phone calls and annoying emails.

The best part of it all is the actual video, which can easily be found on YouTube. The video’s thumbnail does show a pregnant lady on the beach, but there’s absolutely nothing shocking or disturbing about an unborn child’s movement in the womb.