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Does Apple want to buy Blackberry?

Following multiple rumours about various tech companies looking to acquire phone maker BlackBerry, such as Microsoft, Lenovo, and Samsung, a new name has been added to the list of potential suitors...and it's a big name indeed.

Yes, you guessed it. According to a report from Yahoo Finance (opens in new tab), tech giant Apple is said to be considering a BlackBerry purchase.

To date, even Yahoo is unable to confirm the rumour stating that "while the current rumors have not yet been confirmed or negated by either BlackBerry or Apple, we are still speculating on the possibility of a merger."

The interest of Apple in acquiring BlackBerry may potentially stem from the thousands of patents the Canadian firm owns. However, previous acquisitions by Apple were not about patents, but more of technologies that they can incorporate to their own devices, such as virtual assistant Siri.

If Apple was interested in BlackBerry though, the perfect timing would have been when the company was down on its financial knees. This leads to another possible scenario that such a story is simply a trick to manipulate BlackBerry's stocks, which have since risen by 6 per cent following the rumour.

Similar activities were seen around the time of the Samsung-BlackBerry acquisition, where regulatory bodies reportedly planned to investigate the trading activity.