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Domino's launches 'tweet-a-pizza' ordering service

Domino's wants customers short on time to be able to order pizza in the simplest way possible. How simple? In a new announcement, Domino's is planning to allow customers to tweet an emoji of a pizza, and get instant delivery.

For first timers, the tweet will have to include some form of address, but once Domino's has your information it will become as easy as sending the pizza emoji to @Dominos.

It is a new move by Domino's to get involved in the social media world, allowing the “tech-savvy” to order pizza easily. This does void some customisation options available on Domino’s website, but we expect support through direct messages once the customer has shown interest in ordering a pizza, to make sure everything is correct before delivery.

Domino's has been growing its tech department for over 10 years, adding 250 employees that work on the ordering system, promotions, advertising and other social concepts - all in a move to get customers to buy more pizza.

Twitter is one of the few places companies can grow relations with customers directly, some through lighthearted banter and others through social media campaigns.

Domino's has been at the forefront of this social media growth, with 800,000 followers on the official account and 225,000 on the UK account. The CEO Patrick Doyle claims 50 per cent of orders are placed online, and Domino's deals are one of the major factors keeping customers coming back.

For now this ‘tweet-a-pizza’ service will only be available in the US, but we can expect Domino's will bring a similar version to the UK. The company has been focused on global expansion and offering unique food in countries, another smart move by Domino's to keep customers happy.

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