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Fitbit and Strava team up to challenge for fitness tracking title

Fitness tracker manufacturer Fitbit is set to add more functionality into its devices after announcing a new partnership with exercise tracking app Strava.

Strava, which is especially popular among runners and cyclists, began its presence in smartphones and has recently been running on various fitness wearables as well. However, its partnership with Fitbit - the first kind of agreement Strava has made - may mean something more than just running the app on the device.

Through the partnership, the workout activities a user does while using a Fitbit wearable will be synced into both Fitbit and Strava (opens in new tab). In addition, a user's workout history will be available on both platforms, which will allow the user to compare old workouts with the new ones and get a clearer picture of their fitness.

"Strava works with dozens of activity tracking and GPS devices, but this two-way integration with market-leader Fitbit is the first of its kind," said David Lorsch, VP of business development at Strava.

"Strava athletes using a Fitbit device like the Fitbit Surge can now choose to record their runs or rides with Strava and connect with our community, while using their Fitbit tracker to get a comprehensive view of their activity and sleep patterns."

This new strategy is a win-win situation for the two companies, who will both try to attract new users with this added functionality, which is a timely boost for Fitbit after coming under pressure from the likes of Apple and Samsung.