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Greenpeace reveals the most environmentally-friendly tech companies

Apple's efforts to use clean, renewable energy have been recognised by the international non-governmental environmental organisation Greenpeace.

According to a report by Greenpeace, Apple has beaten the likes of Google, Microsoft and Facebook and was lauded as the world’s most environmentally friendly big technology company.

The “Clicking Clean” report on Internet companies gives Apple the top “AAAA” status: Apple’s aggressive pursuit of its commitment to power the iCloud with 100 per cent renewable energy has given the company the inside track among the IT sector’s leaders in building a green Internet,” it says in the report.

“Apple’s commitment to renewable energy has helped set a new bar for the industry, illustrating in very concrete terms that a 100 per cent renewable Internet is within its reach, and providing several models of intervention for other companies that want to build a sustainable Internet.”

Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple has been focusing on using only clean and renewable energy. This year the company began work on two solar-powered data centres in Ireland and Denmark, and it is also constructing two major solar power projects in China's Sichuan province.

Second spot was reserved for Facebook, which received the AAAB status.

“Facebook has made huge strides forward since 2012 to become one of the clear green Internet leaders. Radical improvements in transparency and efforts to deliver significant wind energy investment in Iowa have helped drive Facebook into the top tier of companies creating the green Internet.”

The full Greenpeace report, in which you can see the rankings of Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo, HP and others can be downloaded here.