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Netflix planning to revive Top Gear and rename it 'House of Cars'

Netflix might be looking to revive Top Gear, following Jeremy Clarkson’s BBC outing after punching a producer in the face over a cold steak.

That is not the weirdest part of the rumour, it is what Netflix is planning to rename Top Gear, since it cannot use the BBC’s brand. The Mirror is reporting that Netflix plans to name the show House of Cars, and it will feature a similar format to Top Gear.

The name is a spin on the hugely successful House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood, the ruthless politician trying to make his way to the top of the ladder. We are not sure if The Mirror has caught wind on internal satire, or if Netflix is serious about the name.

Either way, the rumour of Netflix picking up Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May is still only a rumour, with no official confirmation from either party. The BBC claims it will continue to air Top Gear with new presenters, although the magic might not work without Clarkson.

Netflix wants to make a mark in the UK and the best way to do that would be offer a highly successful cable TV show on the Internet. It has managed a few reworks onto Netflix and is one of the main reasons Breaking Bad became the uber-successful show worldwide, which should be as good a portfolio as any for the Top Gear team.

Having Top Gear on Netflix would mean full seasons at a time, instead of one episode each week. Considering Top Gear has become one of the main reasons channels like Dave survive and one of the most watched shows on BBC iPlayer, we can see this being prime time TV for binge watchers.

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