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Apple Music to feature a social network for artists

The upcoming music service from Apple will be called Apple Music, and as Trusted Reviews reported, it will have an integrated social network element, but with a focus on artists.

That being said, it is now known that artists will have their own profile pages where they can upload tracks, samples, photos, videos and concert updates for their fans. They will also be able to share and promote similar activities from other artists, as well.

However, non-artists won't have the same luxury. Instead, they (or should I say, we) will be able only to comment and like the posts. There is also an option available to disable "Artists Activity“ in the app, just in case you're not interested in anything these guys and girls have to say outside of the studio.

The feature will be available in the Restrictions Settings of iOS 8.4.

This Artists Activity feature will be the core function within the app, and it should resemble that of the discontinued iTunes Ping.

This app will also be available on Android, and should closely resemble Beats Music with many of the same playlist, curation, and organisation features. It will just have the fancy Apple design.

Despite this new music service, the report claims that iTunes Match and iTunes Radio will be retained in the new Music app. In fact, iTunes Radio will actually be improved with better mixes and expanded to new territories.

We expect Apple to announce the Music app at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on 8 June 2015 in San Francisco.