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Gmail login changes leave users angry, interfere with password managers

Google has begun rolling out a new login system for Gmail this week, and it hasn’t gone down well with the webmail service’s users – mainly because they feel like it’s a ball and chain in terms of their login speed.

Beforehand, logging into Gmail was just a matter of entering your username and password credentials on the same page, but the new scheme of things splits this into two steps – on the first screen, username entry is performed, and the second screen asks for your password.

Clearly, this is a more clunky system on the face of it, and you can see why folks are irritated at now having to navigate through two screens – and there’s also the problem that it interferes with the operation of password management software.

So why has Google done this? Well, it’s a move with the future in mind, when new login systems aside from just typed text passwords will be in place.

TechCrunch spotted a post from a Gmail Community Manager which explained that the firm is moving to new methods of authentication complementary to traditional passwords. The Manager noted: “We’ve already separated the ‘username’ and ‘password’ fields onto separate pages on a successful launch in Android last year. This change to our web sign-in page is another step in that direction.”

Another argument from Google is that it also helps reduce confusion for those who have multiple Google accounts.

There’s a stream of complaints from users on the Community Manager’s post, as you would expect, including plenty of folks with beef about the system having broken their LastPass login – though apparently this is fixable, according to one poster who spoke to the company.

According to user ‘fedup999’, LastPass advises that you need to:

1. Please remove the site in question from your vault (have your username and password handy).

2. And re-save using Save All Entered Data functions.