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Japanese smartphone uses iris recognition for mobile payments [Video]

You can now make purchases on your phone with your eyes, or at least you can over in Japan, with a handset that has just emerged.

Over in the country, NTT Docomo has revealed the new (and catchily named) Arrows NX F-04G, which comes complete with a payment system that aims to be very secure indeed by using both fingerprint and iris recognition.

As the above rather chirpy promo video shows (spotted by Mashable), all you do is look into the front-facing camera of the phone, line your eyes up with the guide holes on the display, and your iris is scanned and authenticated. You can then complete your purchase and get absurdly happy about this functionality…

Of course, as well as mobile wallet authentication, iris recognition can also be used to unlock the phone.

Iris recognition is a very secure system, and isn’t anything like the sort of basic facial recognition tech we’ve seen previously, which can be bypassed with something as simple as a photo of the user’s face. The other major boon is that it’s also pretty swift, which is important as users don’t want to feel that security is holding them up and hampering the streamlined use of their phone.

What sort of phone is the Arrows NX F-04G? It’s a 5.2in handset with a speedy octa-core CPU and a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440, and while it’s unlikely we’ll ever see it in the UK, it is likely iris tech will be arriving on other handsets before too long.

Meanwhile, we’ll have to stick with basic old fingerprints (on the higher-end phones where the vendors have splashed out for them, that is).

Darren Allan

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