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4K Blu-rays are here, but do you really care?

I am a huge proponent of pushing the limits. The moment you say something is good enough, you have officially lost your way. When DVD was released, I remember being blown away by the quality and convenience, but many friends and family said VHS was good enough. The fools!

Fast forward to 2015, and VHS is long dead, but so too is physical media. Yes, some maniacs still buy DVD and Blu-ray discs, but we all know that streaming is the future.

Apparently, no one told this to the Blu-ray Disc Association, as it has announced the completion of the Ultra HD specification. In other words, 4K Blu-rays are coming. While some consumers may be interested in buying UHD optical discs, the reality is, no one wants to re-buy their movie collection for the 100th time. Am I right, folks?

Thisis the new logo


, which shows absolutely no effort. Yawn."The completed Ultra HD Blu-ray specification addresses a range of factors, beyond simply increasing resolution, that will significantly enhance the home entertainment experience for consumers.

In addition to delivering content in up-to 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, the Ultra HD Blu-ray format enables delivery of a significantly expanded color range and allows for the delivery of high dynamic range (HDR) and high frame rate content. Next-generation immersive, object-based sound formats will also be delivered via the Ultra HD Blu-ray specification.

Additionally, with the optional digital bridge feature, the specification enhances the value of content ownership by embracing the notion that a content purchase can enable the consumer to view their content across the range of in-home and mobile devices", says the Blu-ray Disc Association.

Victor Matsuda, chair, BDA Promotions Committee explains, "for years, Blu-ray Disc has set the standard for high definition picture and audio quality in the home. Ultra HD Blu-ray will do the same for UHD home entertainment. The technical capabilities of Blu-ray Disc, in particular its significant storage capacity and high data transfer rates, will enable the delivery of an unparalleled, consistent and repeatable UHD experience."

Of course, not only will you have to buy new Ultra HD Blu-ray discs for 4K quality, but new players too. Yes, your current machine will not be able to play the new 66GB and 100GB UHD discs, so you will have to throw your current hardware in a wood chipper (or donate it), and put some more debt on the ol' credit card for a new model.

The good news is, new UHD players will be backward compatible with your non-UHD discs. Are you excited for Ultra HD Blu-ray, or have you moved on to streaming? Tell me in the comments.

Photo Credit: PathDoc/Shutterstock