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Google hinting at family of Glass products with recent job posting

Google Glass might not be one product any more, but a family of devices focused on augmented reality. This family would include the commercial device, alongside professional, gaming and other sub-devices, we suspect.

This could give Google more room to experiment on the design of Google Glass, working on a sleek commercial option, alongside more bulky options for gamers or professionals that don’t need to worry about the design so much.

Google Glass is part of Nest Labs projects now, Ivy Ross is heading up the team and reports directly to Tony Fadell, the leader of Nest and ex-iPod creator. The company has been on a hiring spree in the past few weeks, hinting at a ramp in development.

Having multiple devices will mean multiple price points as well. We expect the commercial version will cost under £400, but the gaming model might cost even less to attract customers and developers.

Professional units for building, medical and other areas where augmented reality can help might go up to the thousands, with modular equipment attached for the professional and sensors in-built.

Google continues to sell the £1,000 Explorer edition to businesses that want to test out the features in a workplace environment. This might mean Google sees more opportunity in the enterprise side for Google Glass than the consumer.

Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt said that Google Glass was still a major product at the company and is on the same level as self-driving cars when it comes to importance. It seems unlikely that is actually the case, given the massive value in self-driving compared to augmented reality, but the new job postings show Google has not given up all hope.

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