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Microsoft's Bing follows Google's lead with mobile-friendly favouritism

Following Google’s lead, Microsoft has announced new algorithms promoting sites with a mobile friendly website design. This means Bing users on mobile will see new search results tailored to mobile friendly websites.

Google announced this update last month (opens in new tab) after internal testing. The search results have seen major changes since the update, with some sites gaining more traction on mobile and others not doing so well, leading to a rise for mobile UI developers on freelancing sites.

We expect in the near future a big priority will be placed on WordPress themes featuring fully mobile compatible sites. Some outside of WordPress don’t prioritise mobile friendly design, instead looking for large newspaper style graphics - this will not work on small mobile devices.

That said, mobile web searching is still not as big as having a native app. Most news is viewed through an app rather than a website, meaning website owners should look to have an app built instead of mobile web optimisation, although having both is a plus.

Microsoft plans to launch the update today and changes should be expected in the next few months, once the search algorithm starts sorting out the websites and downgrading the sites that do not offer mobile friendly design.

It should be noted that for all of Microsoft's gains with Bing, its mobile app does not see as much traffic compared to Google's own search engine. Microsoft has made some deals with Apple to have Bing search, but other than that, Google reigns supreme on mobile (opens in new tab).

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