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Project Octoblu gives sense to IoT

There's a new IoT platform in town, and though it may not be revolutionary, it sure will be useful.

Following the SAP showcase in Orlando was Citirx's Synergy 2015 event, where Citrix's chief executive, Mark Templeton, revealed Project Octoblu, the firm's take on an IoT platform.

Project Octoblu is a combination of cloud-hosted software and hardware, part of a partnership with Amazon. Its goal is to automate tedious everyday office tasks which require long set-ups and annoying log-ins.

"By using the power of IoT you can automate the workspace so that all the complexities get out of the way so that you can focus on the fast," V3 quotes Mark Templeton saying.

"So a doctor can focus on a patient and not log in and [think]: ‘What app do I need? What device do I need?' From a technology perspective it's IoT, but its purpose is the integration of everything."

There are two parts to the project, both hardware and software. The sofware’s part is to make sure devices integrate and communicate seamlessly, without the need for additional logging in or setting up.

V3 gives an example: “If a calendar app triggers a meeting, Citrix's GoToMeeting video conferencing app will be launched in the meeting room designated in the calendar, in turn automatically switching on the lights in the room and dialling into the conference call.”

Octoblu underpins Citrix's Workspace Hub device, a small system-on-a-chip prototype that enables users to carry virtualised workspaces around with them.

The Hub has VGA and HDMI ports, WiFi and Bluetooth chips. It automatically detects when the user is on the move and out of the range of connected devices, and pushes the virtual workspace to a mobile device within seconds.