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Republican candidate Jeb Bush claims Apple Watch will end Obamacare

In the UK, we have the National Health Service, a free health service for all young, old, poor or rich. But in America, people are only just starting to get cheaper insurance on healthcare through the Affordable Healthcare Act, also named Obamacare.

Republicans (think wilder Conservatives) don’t seem to like Obamacare very much, with several candidates running in the 2016 Presidential election like Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum and Jeb Bush all declaring it a waste of resources.

Jeb Bush in particular has been venomously opposed to cheaper healthcare for those that need it most, going as far as to say the Apple Watch would be a good replacement for Obamacare.

“On [the Apple Watch] in five years will be applications that will allow me to manage my healthcare in ways that five years ago were not even possible,” said Bush to an audience in Arizona. “I’ll have the ability, someone will, you know, because of my blood sugar... someone will send me a signal it’ll come here, I’ll get a double beep [on the Apple Watch] saying ‘you just ate a butterscotch sundae’ or something like that. You went way over the top. You’re a diabetic, you can’t do that – whatever, we’ll be able to guide our own healthcare decisions in a way that will make us healthy. Ultimately, we have to get to a health system, away from a disease system.”

It is quite telling that Bush likes the expensive Apple Watch, but not the money saving government funded healthcare plan that has dropped uninsured health rates from 19 to 11 per cent in three years.

Nevertheless, we cannot expect Bush will begin the Affordable Apple Watch Act if he wins the Presidential election next year. Bush is one of the frontrunners, alongside Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican Rand Paul.

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