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Footbal legend Cristiano Ronaldo invests in new tech

When we think about investing into new technologies, we usually think of different companies and forward-thinking entrepreneurs that pour some excess cash into something with high potential.

We rarely say: “Technology? Ah yes, that’s what football players invest into”. But as it turns out, some of the greatest names in modern football have invested in new technologies, including one of the greatest players to walk the Earth, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The double Ballon d’Or winner, and Real Madrid star player has invested an undisclosed amount of money into Mobbito, Sport Techie says in a report.

Mobbito is a Portugese app that allows users to create teams and get awarded by interacting with local businesses, similar to the popular app Foursquare.

“It’s a lot like becoming the mayor on Foursquare, but a Mobitto ambassador has to do more than just check in: he has to be a paying customer or refer paying customers, said Jose Simons, CEO of Mobito. “We don’t want to overuse him [Ronaldo]. We don’t want people to use Mobitto because he’s involved in it.”

In another club, Ronaldo’s biggest rival Barcelona, another living football legend called Andres Iniesta, or should I call him Andres Investa. Iniesta has invested in FirstV1sion, a body mounted video camera. The camera was created to enhance broadcasting by provide viewers an angle from the point of view of the players.

Other players are involved heavily in supporting new technologies, including England legend Michael Owen, as well as retired French player Louis Saha. None of these apps have yet made it into the mainstream, but having such a support can never be a bad thing.

Image Credit: Themeplus