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LG G4 to be in stores by next week

LG has announced that its new flagship smartphone will be rolling out this week across the globe – but it didn’t confirm a solid UK release date.

The company said that the rollout would start now and go through to June and beyond, but Britain won’t be the first country to get the phone – that will be Hong Kong this week, and then Turkey, Russia and Singapore, with LG saying that “most” of Europe and the US will then follow, along with Asia, the Middle East and Africa, plus South America.

In total, 180 mobile networks and retailers will carry the G4.

Juno Cho, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile, commented: “The LG G4 is our most ambitious smartphone yet because it is unlike any other flagship mobile phone on the market today. Our vision is to create our own set of standards without worrying about what trend other smartphones are following. We think we have a winning formula because the initial reaction to the G4 has been tremendously positive.”

So how soon is the UK release date likely to be? Going by estimations from online retailers, Handtec says it will be “due soon”, and Clove has an in-stock date of May 28, a week Thursday. So it seems late next week might be the time when you can finally bag a G4.