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Want to make your life more difficult? Click Wheel Keyboard is the app for you

There's a completely useless app out there which you will definitely want to have on your iPhone.

It's called Click Wheel Keyboard and it makes typing messages on your smartphone virtually impossible.

Developer Adam Bell was so soaked up in nostalgia that he decided to make the Click Wheel Keyboard, an app which is there to remind us how hard it would be to type using the iPod scrolling wheel.

“Typing with two hands is such a chore, who needs extra complexity when writing?” it says in the iTunes app description page.

“Simply scroll through all characters and emoji with this super retro keyboard!” Yeah, the app supports all the latest iOS 8.3 emojis, meaning you’ll have to do a lot of scrolling to find that Spock emoji.

The app also comes equipped with the authentic iPod scrolling sounds, and I can’t think of a better prank for a drunken friend than to install this app and talk him into texting his ex-girlfriend.

If you want to, you can download the app here.

Looking at the app I can’t help but remember the report from The Onion, in which they replaced the Macbook’s keyboard with a single, giant wheel button.