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Facebook wants co-op games inside Messenger platform

Most of the apps involve GIFs, memes and other typically linked material, but Facebook is not impressed.

It is even going as far as to court mobile game developers, offering incentives and help building games on top of Messenger. These games would be played by 2 or more people, allowing one-to-one and group conversations to play the game.

Having games on Messenger would push Facebook users to spend more time on the messaging platform. Since it goes through Facebook, the social network would receive a small percentage of any sales or microtransaction purchases inside the game.

Facebook has not been the best partner when it comes to video games. Zynga, once the pedigree with titles like FarmVille, fell into ruin when Facebook changed its algorithms and stopped social games from showing up on user’s News Feed so prominently.

It can be argued that Zynga didn’t really change its formula, leading to gamers moving away from the cash-cow games, but the company has argued time and time again that Facebook lead it into disrepair.

During Zynga’s peak, 90 per cent of the traffic it received was from Facebook. 10 per cent came from its mobile app, which also incorporated Facebook login to push gamers quickly into the game, instead of having to sign up with a new account.

Facebook has shown, if nothing else, a capability to make a game hugely successful, even if it means the developer has to walk on thin ice to avoid losing everything. Developers may not be willing to shot for three months of fame, but some new faces might be interested in making a name on Messenger.

Source: The Information (opens in new tab)

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