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Microsoft just challenged the whole world to a Solitaire game

Something good is finally coming out of those long office hours wasted secretly playing Solitaire. Celebrating 25 years of the game, Microsoft has decided to host a tournament to see who is the best Solitaire player, and the company has basically just thrown a white glove at the face of the entire planet.

To be exact, there will be two tournaments, the company explained in a blog post published yesterday.

The first tournament, which started yesterday is being held inside Microsoft, where employees are clashing amongst themselves in order to find the biggest Solitaire mastermind within the company. They finally won't have to pretend they're working!


The second tournament, due in early June, will be basically the same, but against the rest of the planet.

"From Klondike to FreeCell to Spider, TriPeaks and Pyramid game modes, you’ll be challenged to bring your best to defeat our best. Are you up to the challenge? Get your Solitaire game on today,“ it says in the blog post in an obvious condescending tone.

You can download the Solitaire collection for Windows 8 or Windows 8 today and get some early practice in, ready for when Microsoft announces details on how to enter for the June tournament.

This 25th birthday of the game also marks something of a rebirth to the game. Solitaire was removed from Windows 8, and even though there were other, maybe even better versions of the game available in the Windows Store, it seems as it's now back by popular demand.