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AdBlock Browser offers built-in ad blocking on mobile

AdBlock Plus has become one of the most downloaded extensions on browsers, alongside the original AdBlock it removes over 30 per cent of all advertising on YouTube and Google Search, cutting heavily into Google’s profits.

One place AdBlock has not been able to penetrate is mobile, until now. The developers over at AdBlock Plus have launched a new web browser—fitted with Firefox for Android—removing every ad that shows up on a mobile webpage.

AdBlock Plus for Android is currently in beta and users can “opt-in” to the experience. It plans to launch in the next few months, if support for the new app is strong. Considering some of the terrors on mobile when it comes to JavaScript adverts, we can see quite a few wanting to download AdBlock for mobile.

Similar to AdBlock Plus for desktop, it will allow some ads through that are deemed unintrusive. Users may also unblock ads on sites they frequent, although a low amount of users actually do that according to desktop statistics.

It is surprising Google has allowed AdBlock Plus to exist on mobile, considering it is a lot stricter on Android than Chrome as to what is allowed. Considering AdBlock takes a good chunk of revenue from YouTubers, content creators and website owners, it almost appears Google doesn’t see the issue with the service.

That said, blocking AdBlock Plus—which has shown it will work with Google—might lead to a even stronger service cropping up, similar to Popcorn Time once The Pirate Bay and other torrenting services were targeted.

By dealing with a team of developers open to allowing some advertising through, Google might see prosperity, even if it is not ideal for anyone that makes money from ads.

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