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Facebook has pushed out Messenger video calling worldwide

Facebook has announced that its new addition to Messenger, namely video calling, has now rolled out across the globe.

The video calling capability was bolted on to Messenger on both iOS and Android at the end of last month, but obviously rolling it out to every market worldwide takes some time.

However, the Next Web spotted that David Marcus, Vice President of Messaging Products at Facebook, provided an update on progress on his Facebook account – noting that there are a few territories which still haven’t received the service due to quality issues.

Marcus wrote: “Quick update on video calling in Messenger: we're happy to share we've now rolled out the capability globally, with the exception of a few countries we're still working on improving quality for.”

Facebook’s video calling allows users to have face-to-face chats with friends, initiating the conversation with just a simple tap on the video icon top-right – and you can fire up a video chat directly from a Messenger conversation thread.

In the first two days following the initial launch, which covered 18 territories, Facebook said that Messenger users made over a million video calls, so doubtless a fair few more than that have been made by now given that the service has been live for nearly a month.