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LG unveils ridiculously thin 'wallpaper TV'

Hey, we stopped glorifying starving models and we’re working hard every day to stop Photoshop from setting impossible standards, so when are we going to start doing the same for TV sets?

Justice for the TV sets!

Yes, you know where this is going. LG unveiled a new TV and this one is so thin it looks like an April fool’s joke. They even nicknamed it “wallpaper TV” as it is less than 1mm thick. It doesn’t even need any “proper” set up, it has tiny magnets that are keeping it glued to the wall, and you can ‘unpeel’ it and move it from room to room.

Using the latest OLED technology the 55-inch TV will also bring you full ultra HD 4K quality.

However, the set is still far from your home, as it is just a prototype at this stage, but LG is certain this technology will make it to everyone’s living room. The company promised to ramp up OLED production to meet demands of the popular format.

Speaking at the unveiling of the 'wallpaper TV' Sang-Deog Yeo, LG's head of Display's OLED business unit said "We should be able to supply a satisfactory volume to our clients from July or August, which means we’re hoping to buckle down production as well as promotion from the third quarter", it says in the Daily Start report.

"It has taken a year and half for us to raise the yield to this level (for OLEDs), while it’d taken nearly 10 years to achieve the yield for LCDs."

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