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Oculus planning consumer VR reveal at 11 June event

Oculus is planning a press event on 11 June and reports claim it is something to do with the next-generation hardware for the consumer VR headset.

Even though the launch date is still spring 2016, Oculus and Facebook want information on features, cost and developers on board available to the public as soon as possible, to avoid buyers from moving to a rival VR brand.


The ‘Step into the Rift’ tagline might mean something to do with the software inside the consumer Oculus Rift. We expect major ramifications to the user interface, making it a streamlined system for games and apps, but this wouldn’t be worthy of an entire event.

Facebook has already slipped by leaking out the Oculus Rift system requirements for the next version. The requirements are hefty and only the high-end PC gamers will be able to afford to play the Oculus Rift without issues.

There is still no word on the price of the Oculus Rift, although we expect Facebook will want the lowest price possible. The HTC Vive VR is expected to cost less than £400 and other VR projects like Project Morpheus have a similar price goal.

Oculus may be planning something entirely different, like mobile VR games or some other awful mesh, but hopefully this is all to do with the upcoming VR headset.

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