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Samsung denies reports it is planning early Galaxy Note 5 launch

Samsung Mobile president J.K. Shin has refuted reports that the Galaxy Note 5 will be released earlier than usual, claiming it has a similar date in mind, most likely IFA 2015.

The report said that due to Apple’s own plans to launch the iPhone 6S in August, Samsung wanted to be ahead of its rival by launching the Galaxy Note 5 in July.

The Galaxy Note 5 launch would come alongside Samsung Pay, the new mobile payments platform that can reportedly connect to 95 per cent of all cash machines.

It would make sense for the launch to happen earlier than expected, but Samsung is holding onto its previous date of September. That would put the Galaxy Note 5 one month behind the launch of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, a worrisome idea for Samsung investors.

The iPhone 6 Plus has already become a hit in South-East Asia, with millions of sales for the larger phablet device. Apple getting the one month leap on Samsung might push the Galaxy Note 5 into the shadow, as Apple reaps the phablet sales.

That said, July is not the most optimal time to be launching smartphones. Samsung’s late spring Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is already a prickly time, considering many buy smartphones in the holiday season or in September.

Samsung might not be launching the Galaxy Note 5 in this time window, but it might be planning to launch another Edge device around that time. This would make more sense with the launch of Samsung Pay, launching two smaller products at an event, and waiting until IFA 2015 to reveal the Galaxy Note 5.

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