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There's an app that turns your phone into a universal remote

You can turn your tablet or smartphone into a remote and control every smart device in your home, thanks to a new app available worldwide today.

Tekoia, the provider of smart universal remote solutions for digital media, smart appliances and the Internet of Things, today announced it launched SURE globally.

SURE is an Android-only app which enables users to control all smart house appliances such as TVs and sound systems.

Using IR and WiFi technology, SURE can control smart TVs such as LG and streaming products such as Roku. Users can control their Roku 3 through WiFi and stream pictures, videos and music from their phone to their TV. This basically means users can achieve advanced smart TV functionality with Roku and SURE even if they don’t have a smart TV.

SURE can also be used as a keyboard when supporting the Roku service to simplify searching. For LG smart TVs, SURE can also serve as a mouse, allowing for games to be played with a wave of the hand using the user’s smartphone.

SUREs biggest advantage is the fact it can replace many remotes that come with various devices. With SURE you no longer need dedicated remotes for different devices. The app is, as the official press release puts it, "simple-to-use, slick and intuitive“. It is available for Android-powered devices for free, and can be found on this link.

"The remote control like many products before it is outdated and it became apparent to us that the smartphone is becoming much more augmented with every new model, so why not have it replace our remote controls as well?” said Viktor Ariel, CEO, Tekoia.

Sead Fadilpašić

Sead is a freelance journalist with more than 15 years of experience in writing various types of content, from blogs, whitepapers, and reviews to ebooks, and many more, across sites including Al Jazeera Balkans, TechRadar Pro, IT Pro Portal, and CryptoNews.