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Xiaomi’s Mi store sells out of most products in a flash

The Mi store opened its doors to the UK yesterday (and the US, France, plus Germany), and immediately sold out of a lot of the products which it stocks (not phones, but rather various accessories).

This isn’t much of a surprise, though, as when Xiaomi announced the grand opening, it said that “these products will launch in only limited quantities, so there’s a chance you might not get one.” And the company wasn’t kidding.

As Trusted Reviews reports, the fitness product, the Mi Band, sold out within “minutes”, unsurprisingly as this is a truly budget option priced at $15 (£10).

The Mi Headphones have sold out, as has the 10400mAh Mi Power Bank, but there is still stock left of the 5000mAh variant of the latter, which sells for $10 (£6.50). If you want one, it might be an idea to hop on over to the online shop now…

Note, though, that while these base prices are seemingly peanuts, you have to pay for shipping from a Xiaomi warehouse in China which runs to $20 (£13) for Europe, and there are also import taxes to pay which are included in the total price during checkout.

So that £6.50 power pack will actually cost you more like £25 or so, which doesn’t sound quite such a bargain. However, other products like the fitness band still look very cheap.