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Domino's 'tweet-to-order' service not working as advertised

Domino’s announced a new way to order pizza for those that cannot be bothered with the traditional process, by allowing them to tweet the pizza emoji or #EasyOrder and get a pizza delivered straight away.

The system launched earlier today in the US, but already people are seeing problems. Users are not able to order directly from Twitter for the first time, in fact they have to set up an #EasyOrder profile and pizza, order the pizza from the Domino’s website, and then next time Twitter order will be available.

This means for people wanting to try out the Twitter ordering system, they first need to order a pizza from the website, adding all of the normal credentials. Domino’s is not using Twitter’s own system for buying things, which seems a bit odd.

Domino’s needs address, full name, email, phone number and details on the pizza before it can complete an easy order. It also has limitations when it comes to Twitter ordering, including the pizza emoji having to be under 25 characters.

Even though Domino’s didn’t tell customers there would be these boundaries to ordering through Twitter, it was pretty obvious that users wouldn’t be able to tweet the pizza emoji out of the blue and expect Domino’s to know the type of pizza, address and have a card on tap for instant payment.

It is the first takeaway to try this tweet ordering, but we expect other takeaway and fast food companies will try it out, if Domino’s own tweet-to-order becomes popular. It is currently only available in the US—the company has not said if it will branch into the UK.

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