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ARM to create the quickest chip upgrade yet

Fierce competition was always a good thing for the consumer, as companies battle to produce the best possible product in order to keep their customers.

The same thing goes with smartphones. As the market diversifies, each company works hard to keep and expand its market share. It does it by making new phones. Bigger screens, faster processors, more memory, year in – year out.

ARM designs the microprocessors used in most of those devices, and the increased competition means it's having to push out faster, more power-efficient chips at a quicker pace, Citeworld quotes CEO Simon Segars saying.

"We're always going to be looking to deliver more performance, make the best use of manufacturing technology ... and deliver better system-wide efficiency," he added.

A recent PC World report said ARM is working hard on a new processor design, and that might mean the quickest design upgrade yet. This new chip could find its way into our new gadgets sometime in the beginning of 2017, just a year after its predecessor, the Cortex-A72.

Segars declined to comment on specific plans for the newest chip, but he acknowledged that ARM has been accelerating its design efforts. That's possible partly because ARM has more CPU designers than it had in the past, he said.

This is also happening as the biggest competitor, Intel, is breathing down ARM’s neck with new and improved processors it’s been shipping out lately.

For now, the intense competition has resulted in new chips coming to market more quickly, but designing and manufacturing chips is a complex business, and it remains to be seen how long the yearly upgrade cycle will continue.