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YouTube announces 60fps live streaming for gamers

YouTube has announced some new features for its livestreaming service, including the ability to watch streams in 720p or 1080p with 60fps, as it tries to win over Twitch.TV broadcasters and users.

The addition of 60fps streaming and playback should entice those that want to watch gameplay at the best frame rate. It is crucial for games like Counter Strike, Call of Duty or League of Legends, where a higher frame rate massively impacts on player performance.

YouTube rolled out 60fps video playback last year, shocking quite a few people with the massive difference between 30 and 60 frames per second. The new streaming feature will also allow playback, meaning the user can skip back and watch the livestream, and speed the livestream up to x2.0 to catch-up.

Users must have a HTML5 compatible browser to run YouTube at 60fps. It is still in early beta, meaning most YouTubers will not stream in 60fps to begin, and might not ever if it takes up too many system resources.

Even though the 60fps is a nod to the gaming community, it still doesn’t address the problems with YouTube’s livestreaming service in the first place. There is no current advertising method for streaming, no subscription (like on Twitch.TV) and lacks the chat service for viewers.

All of this, alongside a rather messy interface making it hard to tell if someone is streaming, means other services like Twitch, Ustream and other streaming services are much more welcoming and useful for broadcasters.

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