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Lenovo reveals record-breaking sales figures for 2014

Lenovo has revealed sales numbers for the past year, and while neither blow away the competition, the Chinese company did set a few new internal records.

Starting with mobile, Lenovo sold 76 million smartphones across 2014, with a record breaking 18.7 million in the fourth quarter. Motorola Mobility helped Lenovo surpass its previous record, adding around five million sales per quarter.

This still puts Lenovo quite far down compared to Apple, which managed 74 million iPhone sales in a single quarter. Samsung, LG and Huawei all managed to come out ahead of Lenovo as well, citing strong growth in areas outside of Mainland China.

Lenovo managed to sell 60 million PCs in 2014, but most analysts expect the sales to dwindle this year. More people are moving to smartphones and tablets, forcing Lenovo to play the field and sell all types of devices, some may lack the profit margins PC offers.

This lack of profit is already being noted in the 2014 report, with a 37 per cent decline in profit in the fourth quarter. Lenovo attributes the lack of profit to its acquisition of Motorola Mobility and IBM’s x86 server business for £1.34 billion and £1.85 billion, respectively.

Lenovo expects Motorola to turn a profit by mid-2016 and is working on new devices inside and outside of China to win back some market share. It has to compete with Xiaomi and Huawei in the Chinese market, a hard battle and one with little profit for any company.

Even though Lenovo has held its own for a good few years, the large amount of divisions might become an issue for the Chinese company if it wants to see a profit and hold strong market share in one or two markets.

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