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Microsoft startup train rumbles on with imminent Wunderlist purchase

Microsoft is planning to acquire German application developer 6wunderkinder, the team behind Wunderlist, for around $250 million (£161 million).

It is another move by Microsoft for a small development studio, following the acquisition of New York-based calendar developers Sunrise and email startup Acompli.

Wunderlist is a task management service, capable of serving almost every need from the most personal tasks to business relations. The great thing about Wunderlist, compared to other task managers, is it works on every relevant platform.

6wunderkinder has been working on Wunderlist for a good few years, winning an award in 2013 on the Mac App Store for ‘Best of 2013’, alongside other awards and featured on Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

Wunderlist integrated heavily with the Sunrise calendar, meaning the pickup could be used in tandem with Sunrise for Microsoft’s new Outlook, calendar and Bing applications.

It is not clear if Microsoft is on this startup binge for talent or features. Wunderlist and Sunrise are both quite popular, but neither offer any major advances in task management or calendar services that are not available on other apps.

An American corporation acquiring a German startup might be harder than Microsoft’s usual procedure, considering the regulations in Germany are much more strict when it comes to acquisitions.

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