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New iPad might finally get true multitasking

Apple is allegedly preparing a couple of changes for the upcoming iPad which could make buying a new tablet a thing again. The changes include the ability to have two different apps running at the same time, side by side, as well as the feature to have different user accounts on a single device.

There has been a lot of talk lately about the downfall of the tablet – sales are dropping hard, as those who have bought one have no need to upgrade, as the old one still works properly. New ones offer very little in terms of new features, so now people are stuck with what they have, while manufacturers are stuck with tablets no one seems to want any more.

So, the only logical step would be to give people new (and useful) features to upcoming tablet models, and Apple seems to be doing exactly that with the new iPad.

As 9to5Mac reports, Apple should be ready to release a 12-inch iPad later this year, probably around the fall timeframe when it has typically refreshed iPads in recent years. It is rumoured that the new tablet will finally get the split screen feature – a mode that'll let users run multiple apps side by side.

Even though details are yet not known, it sounds like apps will be able to take up a third, half, or two-thirds of the display, depending on what modes the app supports. You'll also have the option to have a single app have multiple instances displayed — so you could have two Safari tabs side by side, for example.

The other feature is the multi-user support, which will enable multiple family members to use the same device.

These two features, on a larger, 12-inch device might just see the tablet market rise once again.