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ONS reveals latest stats for UK’s internet usage

The office for National statistics (ONS) has just released its latest report on internet users in the UK for 2015.

So how many adults in the UK have never been online? That number now stands at 5.9 million, which is 11 per cent of the adult population. The good news is that this number has fallen by a percentage point since March 2014. Of those 5.9 million, 3 million were aged 75 or over.

As of March 2015, 44.7 million adults had used the internet in the past three months, which is 86 per cent of the population.

Which areas of the UK had the largest proportion of net users? That was the South East of England with 90 per cent. As for the worst result, that came from Northern Ireland which only had 80 per cent of adults who had recently used the internet (in the past quarter).

Unsurprisingly, when it came to age, the youngest adults in the 16 to 24-years-old bracket had the highest rate of internet usage, with 99 per cent having recently used the net. That’s a marked contrast to the oldest group, those aged 75+, of whom only 33 per cent had used the internet in the past three months.

Finally when it came to the gender divide, 88 per cent of men were found to have recently used the internet, compared to 85 per cent of women.