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It's almost Time for Pebble smartwatch to hit the shelves

The Pebble Time first batch of units will be shipping to customers starting May 27. Manufacturing started earlier this month, following a small delay to the smartwatch (opens in new tab).

Pebble plans to send out a backer invitation allowing them to add shipping address and other final details. Some international customers will still have a few months wait on their hands, depending on how fast Pebble can get the 70,000 units delivered.

Timeline is also launching on iOS and Android in the next few months to coincide with the launch of the Pebble Time. The app itself will be named ‘Pebble Time Watch’, allowing the user to connect a smartphone to the smartwatch.

Even though Pebble had a successful second run on Kickstarter, rumours of the company taking out large loans do not bode well for the future (opens in new tab). The Apple Watch has managed over five million sales, and big names like TAG Heuer and Swatch are planning moves into the smartwatch industry.

Combine that with the growing focus on Android Wear by manufacturers not named Apple, Pebble might have to conform into another Android Wear maker, or lose out to the big names in technology.

Pebble plans to open up the Pebble Time to all customers within the next few months, hopefully grabbing the attention of more customers. It is not clear how many original Pebble units were sold post Kickstarter, but the numbers will undoubtedly mean nothing to the likes of Apple and Google.

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