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Google patents smart teddy bears

I've just written a story on how Elon Musk fears Larry Page will accidently make an army of evil AI robots, and look what I come across next.

Google filed a patent for a smart stuffed animal that can control other Wi-Fi-connected devices.

OK, so Larry Page isn’t making your average T-1000 killer robot. He’s making cute fluffy killer robot bears! One part Siri and one part Chucky, the toy would be able to control media devices in your home, such as TVs and music players.

The device will also sport a number of sensors and cameras, making the bear able to sense you looking at him. He will even have the capability of turning its head to look back at you. Once it receives and recognizes a voice command prompt, you can then tell it to control media devices in your home (e.g. turn on your music or TV).

However, the patent application is not a surefire indication that Google will actually make or sell this connected toy.

"We hold patents on a variety of ideas — some of those ideas later mature into real products or services; some don't," the company told CNN in an emailed statement.

This isn’t the first time someone’s built a device that listens to what you’re saying and takes orders.

Amazon has a device called Echo, which is a tubelike speaker with a built-in microphone. Basically, it’s an assistant that’s always connected to the web, which is capable of offering answers and fresh information, as well as playing music, helping with everyday activities, and most importantly – making shopping lists.

There is also a device called Teddy the Guardian, a fluffy teddy bear with different sensors that monitor a child’s well-being.