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Apple’s iPhone 6S will have 12 megapixel camera with RGBW sub-pixels

We’ve already heard rumours that Apple is going to up the quality of its camera on the iPhone 6S to a 12 megapixel affair (where previously the company has stayed steadfastly at 8 megapixels), and now more news has emerged on the specifics of this snapper.

According to a report from (which was spotted by Apple Insider), the incoming iPhone will have a 12 megapixel camera from Sony with RGBW sub-pixels – and that will help with its lowlight photography performance.

That’s a definite boon, of course, because when it comes to smartphone cameras, one of the trickiest areas to get right is taking pictures inside or when the light isn’t very good.

Apparently Apple wanted to use RGBW in last year’s iPhones, but the tech wasn’t going to be up to scratch in time, so Cupertino decided to leave it until 2015.

As we’ve reported previously, Kevin Wang, research director at IHS Technology, has said that the iPhone 6S will also use smaller pixels to improve its image quality – and if this is the case, using RGBW will certainly help to ensure that said quality improvements don’t hamper the lowlight performance.

It would be good to see improved lowlight performance though, especially given the praise which has been heaped upon the camera Samsung has included with the Galaxy S6 – indeed, this was recently voted the best smartphone camera in the world, outperforming the current iPhones.

Plenty is expected of the iPhone 6S, which will likely use the A9 chip, with a display that supports Force Touch, the system seen on the Apple Watch which allows the user to tap lightly or press on an icon to trigger two different functions. That’s something that no other phone does right now, and the more unique tricks Apple can fit into its next handset, the better.