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Google set to launch next generation of Nexus smartphones

Google revealed lower revenue from its Nexus devices last year, putting some pressure on the low-cost, high performance program’s future. Fortunately, it sounds like Google is planning to give the Nexus smartphone another try in 2015, according to Android Police (opens in new tab).

Instead of having a single mobile, Google is planning two Nexus devices this year. One will feature a 5.2-inch display, the other a 5.7-inch display. LG will work on the smaller device, while Huawei will take its first role in the Nexus program with the 5.7-inch model.

Both will run Android M, Google’s newest operating system update. Android M should be announced at Google I/O (opens in new tab) this week, alongside a few other new apps and updates.

The 5.2-inch device, codenamed the LG Angler, will feature a similar design to the Nexus 5. LG might add some of its changes from the G3 (opens in new tab) onto the Nexus 7, meaning we might see multi-coloured leather backs or super-thin bezels. It should feature a low-cost price of £299 to £399 off contract, to keep customers interested.

Huawei’s Nexus device will be more like the Nexus 6, featuring a larger screen and better performance. It will still come cheaper than the Galaxy Note 5 and other phablets, but we expect it to be in short supply similar to most of Google’s devices.

No word on when Google plan to announce the two Nexus smartphones. We doubt Google I/O will be the place, considering for the past two years the event has been heavily software focused.

Google also has no plans to continue the Nexus tablet line, and will keep the Nexus 9 as the flagship product in 2015.

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