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Jaguar Land Rover want to read your mind

Jaguar Land Rover wants to tap deep into our brains and read our subconscious thoughts about driving. It wants to do so in order to help the car better understand the driver, to make sure the two work together nicely.

And how exactly is it supposed to do so? No, you won’t need to strap on a special helmet, or have your head filled with EEG hardware – the car will simply take notes of the little things you do that even you’re not aware of, and then use them later on.

And by ‘later on’ I mean in future models of the car.

Speaking to Automotive News, Jaguar Land Rover Connected Car Director Mike Bell said that “the greatest benefit the connected car gives us is data to better understand the real-world usage of the car, which in turn may lead to us engineering our cars differently. When someone is driving they’re doing a lot of tasks subconsciously and being able to access this real data would enable us to improve the driving experience of our vehicles.”

For all those who fear about the privacy of the data collected, Bell says it will be carefully anonymised and protected so that customers’ personal information was not vulnerable to unauthorised usage.

Jaguar Land Rover is pushing hard into new car technology. Recently it announced its latest toy, the ability to control the rear windscreen wiper with nothing but your eyes.

During rainy days the wiper might now wipe the windscreen at the exact same moment you look at it, making you look for longer. This is obviously a risk, as your eyes are not on the road ahead of you. Jaguar Land Rover has the solution.