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Microsoft revamps Windows 10 music app

Microsoft has revealed that its music app for Windows 10 is undergoing a significant overhaul.

The Redmond-based firm released the image, which showcases a design very similar to Spotify’s, via its support site (opens in new tab).

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The new user interface is a major departure from the Windows 8 aesthetic. The music app will be much darker, list recent tracks on the right hand side and include artist images in flat circles in the centre of the screen. Microsoft may also have removed the Xbox branding from the app.

The design supports rumours that Microsoft will go with black and white as the main colour scheme for Windows 10, but it should be noted that the latest images may not correspond to the final version. The design for the music app has not been formally released in the music preview for Windows 10, so Microsoft could stick with the current design or ultimately release something completely unexpected.

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Many have noted that the new design bears more than a passing resemblance to Spotify, but Microsoft’s music offering is someway off threatening its main competitor. Spotify currently has in excess of 60 million users, including 15 million paid subscribers, making it the most popular music streaming app.

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