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What it's like to wear Google Glass today

Imagine what it would feel like to be considered a geek, among geeks. It would probably look like a Twilight Zone episode for geeks, but that is something that happened to cNet's Richard Nieva (opens in new tab), one of the few people to still wear the Google Glass device.

Two years ago, it was THE thing to have. Everyone wanted to have one, and those who did have it – called Explorers, were in the centre of attention, wherever they went.

But things quickly turned from awesome to awkward, as people realised – you can record stuff with those glasses. Suddenly, theatres and movies started banning the Google Glass, and people were steering clear from anyone wearing it, as they feared they might get recorded.

Fast forward two years to today, and no one seems to be wearing one any more.

Cnet's Richard Nieva took the company Glass to SXSW conference in Austin, where the device was first showcased, to see how people would react today.

There have been awkward looks here and there, as well as this one drunken guy livestreaming his face over Meerkat saying “This is the first Google Glass on Meerkat!” Some were “unsettled” by him wearing it, others saying they were “a little nervous with that”.

“All in all, I wore glass for a day and a few hours,” he says.

“The final tally:

  • Number of elongated stares I received (that I noticed): About 9
  • Number of people who stopped me to ask about it: 4, including one security guard who moonlights as a blogger for the band Insane Clown Posse
  • Number of startup founders who feigned interest to pitch me about their product: 1
  • Number of times someone tore it off my face: 0
  • Number of Lyft drivers scared away: 0? 1?
  • Number of awkward bathroom breaks I took while wearing it: 2”

“What a different time it is for Explorers. After such an explosive reaction when the product first entered the market, Google Glass's latest issue isn't controversy. It's irrelevance.”

Sead Fadilpašić is a freelance tech writer and journalist with more than 17 years experience writing technology-focussed news, blogs, whitepapers, reviews, and ebooks. And his work has featured in online media outlets from all over the world, including Al Jazeera Balkans (where he was a Multimedia Journalist), Crypto News, TechRadar Pro, and IT Pro Portal, where he has written news and features for over five years. Sead's experience also includes writing for inbound marketing, where he creates technology-based content for clients from London to Singapore. Sead is a HubSpot-certified content creator.