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What would an iPhone look like 20 years ago?

If you're an Apple fanboy (or fangirl, obviously), there's one device that probably won't be the most useful out of the bunch, but it will most definitely be worth putting in the collection, somewhere.

Boys and girls from Yanko Design (a blog dedicated to introducing the best in industrial design, as they put it), have showcased a “blast from the past” iPhone, designed by an individual called Pierre Cerveau.

This “blast from the past” phone is a concept on how Apple’s smartphone would have looked like if the device had been released 20 years before the first iPhone.

Of course, the “smart” part of the smartphone could easily be called into question.

“The concept revolves around a vintage-looking dial that can be used to scroll up/down the screen or used like a rotary phone,” it says on the Yanko Design blog.

“Practical for our reliance today? Probably not. But with this, you’re sure to be the most dedicated fanboy hipster on the block.”

With its design, the 'old' iPhone gives away the old, blocky Macintosh look, especially with the grey colour of the casing, and the display which reminds me of an old CRT display, in a way.

Of course, the famous rainbow coloured logo on the back is there, as well as the 512Kb marking in the bottom, showing advanced memory features of the device.

The concept has two dialling options, the scrolling mode and the dialling mode, but it seems as it’s not for sale yet, as there is no pricing or shipping information to be found.